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Large generator rental and maintenance

In order to obtain the maximum operational safety and service life of large generator rental units, regular maintenance of large generator rentals is very necessary. If you follow the relevant regulations on maintenance of large generators, you can guarantee the performance of large generators. Correctly identifying the signs (graphics, text, warnings, etc.) on the fuselage of a large generator is of great help to the accuracy of maintenance and the safety of operation and use. When maintaining the device, you must operate it in the shutdown state, and you must remove the negative cable of the device's start-up battery to ensure that the device will not start up by mistake.


1 Lubrication system

(1). Lubricating oil and lubricating oil filters need to be replaced every 50-250 hours or at least every 6 months; according to the quality of the lubricating oil and the sulfur content in the fuel, depending on the amount of lubricating oil consumed by the engine, the replacement of the equipment lubricating oil The cycle will be different.

2 cooling system

(1). The maintenance cycle of the fan belt is executed every 100 hours of operation.

Check the tension of each belt of the large generator rental unit. If the belt is damaged or invalid, replace the belt. Pay attention to lubricate the fan pulley and belt tensioner bearings.

(2). The maintenance cycle of the radiator is once every 200 hours. [what. External cleaning:

Large generator rental units spray from the front of the radiator in the direction of the fan (for example, spraying from the opposite direction will only push the dirt into the center), spray with hot water (add detergent) (in this case) method, apply tape Block the diesel generator. If the above methods cannot remove stubborn deposits, the radiator should be removed and immersed in hot alkaline water for about 20 minutes, and then washed with hot water.

B. Internal descaling:

Drain the water in the radiator, and then seal the position where the radiator is connected to the pipe. Pour 45% 4% acid solution into the radiator, drain the acid solution after 15 minutes, and then check the radiator. If there is still water contamination, please clean it again with an 8% acid solution. After descaling, neutralize twice with 3% alkaline solution, and then rinse with water more than three times. After finishing all the work, check whether the radiator leaks, if it leaks, please repair it. If the radiator does not leak, please reinstall it. After reinstalling the radiator, fill it with clean water and add rust inhibitor.