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The characteristics of second-hand imported generators and domestic generators

Second-hand imported generator

Cummins second-hand imported generators, using Cummins original power equipment, equipped with high-quality brand motors, are energy-saving, durable, safe and easy to maintain. It is the best choice for backup generators of enterprises and institutions.

Caterpillar diesel generators-the original Caterpillar unified design and manufacture of all engines, generators and control systems. Durability, quality, performance and value can be regarded as industry models. It is currently the best generator set product in the world.


Perkins diesel generator sets-in the field of power generation, diesel generator sets covering 7KW-1811KW have excellent performance, reliability, durability and other advantages. In 1998, Perkins was controlled by Chrysler and became a member of the Carter Group. Perkins entered the Chinese generator market very late, but after entering the Chinese market, it was accepted by customers at a very fast speed, and quickly occupied a part of the market share, and made remarkable achievements in the generator set market. .

The second-hand imported German Deutz generator has compact structure, reasonable design, reliable performance, long service life and economical use. In terms of product structure, it has three main product platforms, C, E and D, with power covering 10~1760KW, more than 300 models and adaptable products, which can be used for medium and heavy trucks, light vehicles, and power products in demand areas. A higher technical content and a higher degree of specialization. Products have a series of significant advantages such as advanced, efficient, reliable, energy-saving, and environmental protection. It has the function of air intake and recirculation, and can be well adapted to plateau and high altitude areas.

Mercedes-Benz diesel generator set adopts advanced ADEC electronic management system, and is the first to use advanced common rail injection technology. Under the precise control of the electronic management system, the injection is more precise, the combustion is more thorough, the fuel consumption is lower, and it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The first overhaul time can exceed 30,000 hours.

The main advantage of second-hand imported Japanese Mitsubishi generators is low noise, equipped with original soundproof speakers, which save fuel and energy.

Second-hand domestic generator

Weichai second-hand imported generator power selection Ricardo R series engine is a joint venture between the large state-owned Weifang Diesel Engine Factory and the British joint venture R4105, R6105. The power range is 40KW-100KW. Weifang diesel generator sets are of stable quality, low price and good quality. . Weifang diesel generator sets are produced with advanced technology, and their power, economy and reliability are in a leading position among similar diesel engine products, and they are the first choice for domestic engines in the mid-range power range.

Shanghai Diesel used imported generators, "Dongfeng" diesel engines powered by Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd. The power performance is good, the torque reserve is large, the fuel consumption rate and the oil consumption rate are low. Used in conjunction with J98 and J114b exhaust gas turbochargers, it has a strong ability to work smoothly. When used in plateau areas with an altitude of 5000m, the power drop is less than 3%.