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Frequently Asked Questions about Diesel Generator Rental Use

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for and dependence on electricity is getting higher and higher.Diesel generator rentalAs a self-contained emergency power source, the machine is basically not restricted by region, and can supply power continuously and stably. It has been widely used in scientific research, production, life and other fields. All walks of life are paying more and more attention to the guarantee of power supply, and the requirements for the performance, use and maintenance of diesel generator rental are also getting higher and higher. In this case, it is necessary to ensure that the self-provided emergency power supply is completely reliable, otherwise, if the diesel generator rental unit fails to operate normally when the main power supply fails, significant losses will be caused. Therefore, in addition to the strict implementation of the daily maintenance system for diesel generator rental and the primary, secondary and tertiary technical maintenance, we must also understand the phenomena and causes of common failures, and master the methods to deal with and eliminate them. Common malfunctions.


1. Why do we require customers to tighten all electrical contacts every 200 hours of operation?

Answer: The diesel generator rental unit is a vibrating machine. In addition, many components of equipment should use double nuts. The spring washer that should be used is useless. After the electrical fasteners are loosened, a large contact resistance will be generated, resulting in abnormal operation of the equipment.

2. Why must the generator room be clean and there is no floating sand on the ground?

Answer: If the diesel generator rental unit sucks in dirty air, the power will be reduced; if the generator sucks in sand and other impurities, the insulation between the stator and the rotor gap will be damaged, and the most serious will be burned.

3. Why is it generally not recommended for users to use neutral grounding during installation?

1) The self-regulating function of the new generation generator has been greatly enhanced;

2) In practice, it is found that the lightning strike failure rate of the neutral grounded unit is relatively high.

3) The grounding quality requirements are very high, which ordinary users cannot achieve. Unsafe work grounding is not as good as grounding.

4) Equipment with neutral grounding will conceal load leakage faults and grounding errors, and these faults and errors cannot be exposed when the mains provides large current.

4. What problems should be paid attention to when using equipment whose neutral point is not grounded?

Answer: The neutral line of the diesel generator rental unit may be charged because the capacitor voltage between the live line and the neutral point cannot be eliminated. The operator must treat the 0 line as a charged body.