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Matters needing attention in the sale of second-hand generators

At present, there are many types of second-hand generators in the second-hand generator trading market, so how do you choose second-hand generators?

1. "Three Certificates" are complete

qualifiedUsed generators for saleDuring the second sale period, there should be a production license and a product qualification certificate. Trademark registration certificate. The product certificate should include the whole machine certificate and generator certificateIf you find that the certificate on the second-hand generator trading unit does not match the nameplate number, you should pay attention to whether it is an assembled machine.


2. The machine noise should be low

When a consumer buys a generator, the seller will test the machine on site. When buying and selling high-quality second-hand generators, the noise of buying and selling second-hand generators choosing brand generators is relatively low. For example, when starting a 2kW gasoline generator, two people must be able to hear the sound clearly (about 70 decibels).

3. Is the seller professional?

Nowadays, the business of buying and selling second-hand generators is very good, and various grocery stores are also engaged in the generator business. However, buying from a professional seller of mechanical and electrical products is a good habit for consumers, so it is easier to ensure after-sales service. Those shops that temporarily sell generators will no longer sell generators after the peak season, which brings hidden dangers to after-sales service. Fourth trick: the price should be moderate.

Due to different brands, the prices of generators with the same power vary greatly. When many consumers choose to buy, they will buy wherever they like. This idea is wrong. There is indeed an appropriate price difference between brands, but if the price is too low, it must be considered. This product is not shoddy, right?

Because the current price transparency of diesel generators is already very high, although "good quality and low price" is what everyone wants, the quality of the goods is directly proportional to the price. Electricity safety must be absolutely guaranteed, and quality is more important than price!

Fourth, the power should be appropriate.

Household electricity is very different from industrial electricity. According to your own needs, you will give feedback to the seller and choose a diesel generator set with suitable power.

When choosing a second-hand generator to buy or sell, you must pay attention to the difference between the normal load power and the maximum power. This is easy to confuse. Many dealers often refer to the maximum power as the normal load power to confuse people. There are also diesel engine models. Bad dealers usually carry out refurbishment, OEM and overweight to make money, so everyone must pay attention.