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Dongguan generator rental winter maintenance knowledge

Electricity is an indispensable energy source in modern life, and generators have become indispensable mechanical equipment for power generation today. The generator set has experienced high-load work in the midsummer and ushered in the cold winter.Dongguan generator rentalThe company reminds you that humidity, altitude, and temperature will affect the operation of the generator set, but in actual applications the situation is much more complicated, and other factors will also affect the normal operation of the generator. How can the life of the generator set be extended? Correct operating habits and proper maintenance are particularly important. The following Dongguan generator rental company will introduce you to the knowledge of generator winter maintenance:


1. Due to the harsh working environment of the generator set in winter, the air filter element needs to be replaced frequently at this time. Because cold weather has very high requirements for air filter elements and filter elements, if they are not replaced in time, it will increase the wear of the engine and affect the service life of the generator set.

2. When choosing engine oil for generator set in winter, please try to choose engine oil with lower viscosity.

3. After the generator set is running in winter, if it is parked outdoors, please be aware of changes in the weather at all times. When the outdoor temperature is lower than 4 degrees, the cooling water in the cooling water tank of the generator set should be discharged, because the water volume changes greatly at 4 degrees. When the water changes from liquid to solid, the volume zda expands, which will damage the radiator of the cooling water tank.

4. When the generator set starts in winter, the temperature of the air sucked in by the cylinder is low, and it is difficult for the piston to compress the gas to reach the natural temperature. Therefore, before starting, appropriate auxiliary methods should be used to raise the body temperature of the generator set.

5. After starting in winter, the generator set should run at low speed for 3-5 minutes to increase the temperature of the entire machine, check the working conditions of the lubricating oil, and then make it run normally. The generator set should minimize the sudden speed increase or excessive throttle operation during operation, otherwise, if the time is too long, it will affect the service life of the valve assembly.

5) After the Dongguan generator is rented out, after maintenance and overhaul, the correctness and reliability of the electrical connection and mechanical installation should be re-checked, and all parts of the motor should be cleaned with dry compressed air. Finally, perform no-load and load tests according to normal startup and operation requirements to determine whether it is in good condition.