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Quality Assurance:

● The generator set runs stably and reliably, has strong power, saves fuel, and can meet customer needs.

● Low price, quality assurance, and good service!

● Replace the wet cylinder liner, with long life and easy maintenance; two cylinders and one head, 4 valves per cylinder, sufficient air intake, forced water cooling, low heat radiation and good performance.

● Diesel generator is assembled with dry air filter and air resistance indicator, using exhaust gas turbocharger, air intake is sufficient, and performance is guaranteed.

Complete supporting facilities:

● Professional rental of diesel generator sets, we provide rental generator sets with soundproof speakers.

● Focus on a complete set of services including the sales, leasing, and recycling of second-hand diesel generator sets and related products.

● Xin Aokang unswervingly adheres to the business of second-hand generator sets.

● The diesel generator set engine adopts a gear centrifugal water pump for forced water cooling, and a large-flow water channel design has a good cooling effect, which can effectively reduce heat radiation and noise.

Good reputation:

● Xin Aokang adheres to the business philosophy of"being a person first and then doing things, and products such as character"

●"quality, integrity, service, cooperation" is the corporate culture.

● We continue to expand the scope of services and increase product brands to meet the needs of customers in different regions.

● With the"quality, integrity, service, and cooperation" corporate philosophy.

Professional service:

● We promote the recirculation of generators, effectively reduce production energy consumption, and provide customers with economical power supply services.

● Continuously innovate business concepts, control product quality, and provide customers with considerate product services.

● 7*24 hours all-weather customer service, quickly solve problems, and strive to achieve a win-win and mutually beneficial cooperation relationship and win praise!