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Common misunderstandings in the sale of second-hand generators

The sale of second-hand generators has been widely used in data centers, distributed power stations, cogeneration, mines and mobile power vehicles. The advancement and development of unit technology for the sale of high second-hand generators has increased the single unit capacity and power density of generators. When choosing a second-hand generator to buy or sell, you need to investigate the generator brand and seller. You cannot buy them just by watching the advertisements. Otherwise, it will be possible to buy expensive and inferior products. Therefore, when buying and selling second-hand generators, you can make simple judgments based on the points listed below.


1. Choose according to your own use. According to your needs, we choose the relative power generator. The most important thing is the large and small brands of generators, and the purpose of generators, such as factories, homes, rural areas and shops. By analogy, the size of the generator is also different due to the different use of electrical energy. The factory chooses the larger power consumption, and the family chooses the smaller power consumption.

2. Once the second-hand generator unit is too large, it will be inconvenient to install. There is no emergency function, so it is better to choose a smaller size, which is easier to transport and use, rather than spend great effort on installation and transportation when necessary.

3. Fuel consumption is very important. After all, the units sold in second-hand generators need fuel to generate electricity. Therefore, power generation is best proportional to consumption. Once the fuel consumption is high, the product will not be worth buying. Whether there will be noise during the power generation process, and whether the noise level will affect people (if it will), is not worth buying.

4. It is best to choose a more famous brand for the generator, the price is usually more formal, there will be no random quotation, and the quality of the product is relatively safe, even if there is a problem feedback in the future, it can be solved. Of course, due to the high distribution cost of branded generators, the price will be higher.