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How to maintain Shenzhen generator rental

In order to obtain the maximum operating safety and service life of the generator set, Shenzhen Generator LeasingShenzhen Generator RentalRegular maintenance is very necessary. If you comply with the relevant regulations on the maintenance of the generator set, the performance of the generator set can be guaranteed. So how should Shenzhen generator rental be maintained?


1. Correctly identifying the marks (graphics, text, warnings, etc.) on the fuselage of the Shenzhen Generator Rental Unit is of great help to the correctness of maintenance and the safety of operation and use.

2. When maintaining the device, you must operate it in the shutdown state, and you must remove the negative cable of the device's start-up battery to ensure that the device will not start up by mistake.

3. Check whether the gasoline in the fuel tank is sufficient.

4. Check whether the oil circuit switch and the oil pipe are leaking.

5. Check whether the oil level is between the grids of the oil dipstick.

6. Observe the oil quality to determine whether it needs to be replaced.

7. Check whether the voltage of the starting battery is higher than 12V, and observe whether the battery is damaged or leaking.

8. The spare generator is very long. The starting battery will be cut off due to self-discharge. Please use an external charger to charge the battery.

9. Check the oil drain screw, sealing ring and rubber ring. If it is damaged, replace it immediately.

10. After using the generator for the first time for 20 hours (or one month), the oil should be changed immediately. 9. Every 100 hours of use (or 6 months), the oil must be changed. (In harsh environments, you need to increase the number of times. Use a clean oil with a viscosity of SAE10W30 and an API grade of SG, SH, SJ or higher)

11. The generator needs to clean the air filter every 50 hours of use (or 3 months). (In harsh environments, increase the number of cleanings and replace when necessary)

12. Do not start the engine without the air filter installed, because this will produce too much toxic gas and wear the cylinder.

13. Check the generator regularly, and fill in the records carefully and truthfully. It is strictly forbidden to fill in, omission or not to check and fill in.

14. The inspection record form will be filled out from the beginning of this month and will be inspected regularly.