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What are the advantages of silent generator rental

The silent generator rental unit has very good sealing performance, good safety, rain, snow and dust resistance, and is more suitable for working in harsh outdoor environments. The anti-noise performance of the silent generator is very good, and the protection unit also has the performance of reducing noise. Effective noise isolation is performed on the cabinet, so the device can effectively reduce part of the noise during operation. Silent generator rental It is suitable for places where quietness is required, such as hotel buildings, entertainment venues, hospitals, shopping centers.Silent generator rentalThe unit is relatively easy to transport and transfer, and the box is equipped with a lifting device to facilitate customer transfer. The silent box is equipped with an observation window. The emergency stop button of the equipment can be used to observe the operation of the equipment, and the equipment can be stopped at the fastest speed in the event of an emergency to prevent damage to the equipment.


The internal mechanism of the silent generator rental unit will vibrate during operation, and will produce greater noise, which affects people's daily life. Therefore, the silent series generator adopts internal sound-absorbing structure equipment, and has a built-in large impedance muffler, which effectively reduces the noise of the sound source. Moreover, the use of higher quality silent series generator sets can also make the generator more efficient. In addition to the internal sound-absorbing structure generator, products with sound insulation materials must be installed during the sound transmission process, and the sound must be blocked to reduce noise during the sound transmission process. Therefore, the silent series generator adopts high-performance box-type isolation materials, which can not only reduce noise, but also achieve the effect of rainproof and effectively protect the internal structure of the equipment.

The continuous operation of the internal equipment of the silent generator rental unit will generate noise and heat, and the heat dissipation requires air inlets and air outlets to ensure normal air circulation. The silent series generator with good service and good reputation adopts intake muffler and exhaust muffler design. The exhaust body adopts three layers of sound-absorbing materials, which can not only ensure the smooth discharge of natural wind, but also effectively seal the noise. spread.