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Shenzhen generator rental installation and commissioning matters

In order to ensure the stable operation of the generator rental installation in Shenzhen, we should carry out effective debugging before the generator set is officially put into use. The installation and commissioning of the generator set aims to assess whether the generator set meets its specifications, power level and whether the generator set has been installed correctly. The value that meets the requirements of normal operation is the most objective basis. Attention should be paid to the following points in the installation and commissioning of Shenzhen generator rental:


1. Add water to the water tank. First close the drain valve, add clean drinking water or purified water to the water tank opening, and then close the water tank cover.

2. Add engine oil. Choose engine oil. There are two types of motor oil in summer and winter. Different engine oils are used in different seasons. When adding oil, pay attention to the vernier scale until the oil is filled to the full position of the vernier scale. Close the engine oil cap. Don't add too much. Too much oil will cause oil to drain and oil to burn.

3. It is necessary to distinguish the oil intake and migration of the machine. In order to ensure that the oil inlet of the Shenzhen generator rental machine is clean, it is usually necessary to let it stand for 72 hours. Do not insert the oil inlet into the bottom of the oil cylinder to avoid sucking in dirty oil and blocking the oil pipe.

4. To pump, first loosen the nut on the manual oil pump and hold the handle of the oil pump. Pull and compress evenly until the oil enters the oil pump.

5. Let go of the air. If you want to loosen the drain screw of the high-pressure oil pump, and then press the oil pump by hand, you will see oil and air bubbles overflow from the screw hole until you see all the oil flowing out. Tighten the screws.

6. Connect to the starter motor. Distinguish the positive and negative poles of the motor from the positive and negative poles of the battery. This is the positive pole, and the one on the tail is the negative pole. The two batteries should be connected in series to achieve the 24v effect. First connect the positive terminal of the motor. When connecting the positive terminal, do not let the terminal touch other wiring parts. Then connect the negative pole of the motor and make sure the connection is firm to avoid sparks and burns to the wiring part.

7. Before the machine starts or the machine does not enter the power state, the switch should be in a separate state. There are four terminals at the bottom of the switch. These three are three-phase live wires, which are connected to the power cord. The neutral wire is independent, and the voltage between the neutral wire and any live wire is 220v. Do not use more than one-third of the rated power of the generator.

8. During the use of Shenzhen generator rental, the ammeter can accurately read the amount of electricity used. The voltmeter can detect the output voltage of the motor. The frequency meter, the frequency meter must reach 50hz, is the basis of the detection speed. Current and voltage conversion switch, used to detect motor meter data. The oil pressure gauge used to detect the working oil pressure of the machine should be no less than 0.2 atmospheres at full speed, and the speed of the tachometer should be 1500 revolutions per minute. During use, the water temperature gauge should not exceed 95 degrees, and the oil temperature should usually not exceed 85 degrees.

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