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Types of generator rental in Dongguan

What kind of generator sets the client company should use after choosing the Dongguan generator rental, and how to use the generator sets are things that must be considered at present. To understand how to choose a generator set, you must first master the generators, understand which generators are there, and how to classify them.

Dongguan generator rental can be divided into two categories according to the way of electric energy conversion: AC generators and DC generators.

Alternator is divided into synchronous generator and asynchronous generator. There are two types of synchronous generators: salient-pole synchronous generators and salient-pole synchronous generators. Synchronous generators are the most commonly used in modern power stations, while asynchronous generators are rarely used.


AC generator sets can be divided into single-phase generators and three-phase generators. The output voltage of the three-phase generator is 380V, and the output voltage of the single-phase generator is 220V.

The basic principle of a generator is based on the conversion of mechanical energy to mechanical kinetic energy. In the generator set that converts mechanical kinetic energy into electromagnetic energy, according to the different fuel ignited by the generator, it can be divided into a gasoline generator and a diesel generator. The gasoline engine usually has a high power of 10KW and its working voltage is 380V.

①According to different application standards, diesel generator sets can be divided into two types: land use and ship use. Generator sets can be divided into two categories: mobile and portable (cradle type).

②According to the regulations on the use of generator sets, Dongguan generator rental can be divided into ordinary type, automation technology type, low noise type and low noise automation technology type.

③Dongguan Generator Rental According to the different characteristics of generator output current, diesel generators can be used as AC generator set and DC generator set.

④Dongguan generator rental According to the main purpose of diesel generator sets, Dongguan generator rental sets can be divided into ordinary generator sets, standby generator sets, and emergency generator sets.

Generally, when the required output power is less than 10KW, everyone usually uses a gasoline generator in the vehicle. For example, when AC power is needed, a DC generator can be used. After mastering the classification of generators, you can choose different generator sets according to the requirements of different companies.