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Points for purchasing second-hand diesel generators

The rapid development of the national economy has led to a serious lack of electricity in the country. Second-hand diesel generators are a good supplement to the power shortage of enterprises. For companies eager to buy second-hand diesel generators, they don't know whether to choose import or domestic production. When buying, you should first objectively and rationally analyze all aspects:


1. Quality: Many consumers think that the quality of domestic second-hand diesel generators is not very good, but it is not. In fact, the quality of domestic diesel engines is already very good. The key is whether you have purchased the original products. If you buy fakes, the quality is really poor. The fakes of imported diesel generator sets are also very serious and the quality is also very poor. Many people in the industry are unlikely to distinguish refurbished imported diesel engines by their appearance when they are not in actual use, but insiders can easily identify fake domestic diesel generator sets. In order to avoid counterfeit and shoddy, most imported machine brands are inferior to domestically produced machines, and even some brands are inferior to some well-known domestically produced brands. Domestic engines are characterized by durability and adaptability to harsh environments, while imported diesel engines require relatively high working conditions. They are usually used as backup equipment for fire fighting in better environments and are more suitable for purchase when they are not used frequently.

2. Noise: The nominal value of decibels of imported second-hand diesel generators is calculated with "≥", and the nominal value of decibels of household generator sets is calculated with "≤". This is that when we look at the technical parameters, imported machines are better than domestic ones. The reason for the much lower noise. In fact, the decibels of imported machines are only slightly lower than the decibels of domestic machines. Regardless of whether it is an imported machine or a household machine, as long as it is equipped with a muffler produced by a formal factory, the noise emitted can reach the national standard, and the computer room can also isolate a part of the noise. People can hardly hear the noise when they are outdoors.

3. Maintenance and accessories: Regardless of the quality of second-hand diesel generators, it is impossible to be perfect. If there is a problem, it involves repairs and accessories. Domestic engines, especially accessories, are easier to maintain. There are many diesel engine parts in China's county-level cities. Imported diesel engines are characterized by relatively small problems and fewer problems, but they need to be replaced in the case of a few failures, and the price is relatively high. For example, purchasing a new oil pump for a domestic diesel generator set is only 1/4 to 1/3 of the cost of the imported diesel engine for calibrating the oil pump. This is not disastrous for the company. If you want to replace parts, you can only ask the headquarters. It may take several months to get the goods. During this period of time, diesel generators are purely a pile of scrap iron in the corner, and many businesses may have to stop.

4. Fuel consumption: the same as noise: imported second-hand diesel generators are calculated as "≥", while household machines are calculated as "≤". Generally, in the case of full load use, the fuel consumption of household machines is ≤ 209 grams per kilowatt per hour. About 230 grams, while the imported machine is ≥ 201 grams when used at full load to about 220 grams per kilowatt per hour. Users can calculate a reasonable purchase plan based on the price difference between imported machines and household machines and the actual use time required at the time of purchase.