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Three major brands of second-hand imported generators

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, the leasing industry of second-hand imported generators has also risen rapidly. I believe that in the next few years, more and more generator set manufacturers will turn to the leasing industry.

Second-hand imported generatorThe life of the machine usually determines how much money the boss can make. The better the brand, the higher the rental price. At the same time, the better the brand, the longer the service life. In this case, bosses in the leasing industry usually choose second-hand imported generator brands. The generator set exists as a temporary power source in the leasing industry, and there is usually no dedicated machine room, especially for on-site construction. Generating sets are usually operated in open spaces. For customers with relatively long lease terms, there is absolutely no rainproof measures. Therefore, rainproof and silent generator sets are usually the most popular among the owners of the leasing industry. In addition, imported engines with high reliability, small size, low fuel consumption, strong sudden load capacity and low maintenance costs will become the first choice for those who purchase and configure imported engines in the generator set leasing industry.


First place: MAN second-hand imported generator

MAN is headquartered in Munich, Germany. The company's business is mainly concentrated in five areas: commercial vehicles, industrial services, printing systems, diesel engines and turbines. The global top 500 company, German MANB&W Diesel Engine Company, is the company that produces diesel engines by MANGroup. It has production bases in Germany, Denmark, the United Kingdom and France; the product is mainly used for two-stroke marine main engines, and provides ships, power plants and railways. Stroke diesel engine. D28 series (D2862, D2676, D2842, D2840) engines and D08 series small 6-cylinder engines are mainly used in generator sets, and the power range of diesel engines is 166-880KW. In the future, MAN engines will become the first choice in the generator rental industry for their first-class quality, strong 24-hour main power load capacity, small size, low fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. Shanghai Zhongcheng Company is the exclusive agent of German MAN generator engine in China.

Second place: Cummins second-hand imported generator

Cummins has the longest time in China, has the most assets, and has the most joint ventures and employees in China. Cummins is a world-renowned independent internal combustion engine manufacturer. Its products are trusted by Chinese users for their high reliability, low prices, and easy purchase of accessories. Most repair shops will repair them. This may be the main reason why Cummins is the most popular brand in the second-hand imported generator rental industry.

Third place: Perkins second-hand imported generator

Perkins is one of the first companies in the world to produce generators. It produces engines that use diesel and natural gas as fuel. Its advantages of economy, reliability and durability have been widely promoted and applied in various industries. Perkins second-hand imported generators are compact in structure, high in reliability and beautiful in appearance. Perkins products occupy a very important market share in generator sets exported from China.