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Generator maintenance

Generator maintenance

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Daily maintenance of the generator:

1. in progressDongguan generator rentalCheck whether the connecting bolts of the rotating parts are loose, and tighten them in time; 2. Check the oil level in the oil pan. If it is insufficient, add oil; 3. Check the amount of oil in the fuel tank; 4. Check the water surface of the water tank; 5. Check the oil and water pipe joints; 6. Check the sealing of the intake and exhaust pipes and the cylinder gasket; remove the oil and dust on the surface and keep the engine room tidy;

Generator maintenance is applicable to generator sets: (such as residential quarters, buildings, hospitals, government agencies, scenic spots, factories and other places where power is rarely interrupted.

The daily maintenance of Dongguan generator rental: in the daily maintenance, on this basis, it can be every six months or a year

1 Perform a maintenance. Carry out a comprehensive inspection of the water, electricity, oil, gas, etc. of the generator set to confirm whether the generator set is normal;

2. No-load testing machine for 5-10 minutes to make the unit fully lubricated; judge the use status of the machine by listening, seeing, smelling, etc.;

3. Replace the wearing parts, such as air filter, diesel filter, oil, oil filter, water filter, oil-water separator filter element, etc.; 4. Replace the cooling water tank and the coolant in the water tank;

5. Add battery fluid or distilled water;

6. After the maintenance is completed, check the equipment again and clean it;

7. Dongguan generator rents out the no-load testing machine for 5-10 minutes, records the performance parameters of the equipment, makes reasonable suggestions, and accepts customers.


Suitable for long-term operation of generator set maintenance plan: (such as construction sites, factories with frequent power outages, under-loaded transformers, project testing, places where utility power cannot be accessed, etc., generator sets that require frequent or continuous operation)

Level 1 technical maintenance: (50-80 hours) plus

1. Clean the air filter and replace it if necessary;

2. Replace the diesel filter and air filter [H]3, check the tension of the transmission belt;

4. Add lubricating oil to all fuel injection nozzles and lubricating parts;

5. Replace the cooling water

Secondary technical maintenance: (250-300 hours) added to the content of daily maintenance and primary maintenance

1. Clean the piston, piston pin, cylinder liner, piston ring, connecting rod bearing and check the wear;

2. Check whether the inner ring and outer ring of the rolling main bearing are loose;

3. Remove the scale and sludge in the cooling water system;

4. Remove the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber and the intake and exhaust pipes of the cylinder;

5. Check the matching wear of valve, valve seat, push rod and rocker arm, and carry out grinding adjustment;

6. Clean the carbon deposits on the turbocharger rotor, check the wear of the bearing and impeller, and repair if necessary; [H]7. Check whether the bolts of the generator and diesel engine coupling are loose or slippery. If any problems are found, they should be repaired and replaced.