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Used Cummins Generator

Used Cummins Generator

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Cummins second-hand imported generators are widely praised by users at home and abroad for their advanced economy, power, reliability, durability and environmental safety. They are mainly used in communications, factories, infrastructure, hospitals, highways, metallurgical mines and other industries. , Xin Aokang Electromechanical Company strictly produces products that meet the national emission standards in accordance with the requirements of production consistency, casts green environmental protection into the brand, and is committed to creating a green and environmentally friendly clean power.


Precautions for use and maintenance of Cummins imported second-hand generators:

1. The generator set manufacturer arranges a service engineer for on-site inspection service and trial operation once every six months.

2. Every 250 hours or 12 months of operation of the unit (whichever comes first), the generator manufacturer is responsible for replacing the diesel filter, oil filter, air filter, oil, antifreeze and anticorrosive fluid.

3. Check the valve clearance every 1000 hours.

4. The thermal balance of the unit must be checked twice a year for the fuel pressure test and the reliability test and inspection of the sensor twice a year.

5. The second-hand imported generator checks whether the fan and water pump are operating normally and the electronic management system every time.

6. Reliability detection of load switch and reliability of emergency shutdown system.

7. In each inspection, check whether the control box is loose or not; inspect the battery capacity and wiring tightness; inspect whether the motor wiring is loose or not; inspect the unit linkage power (self-start function) test, etc.

8. In each inspection, check whether the exhaust smoke of the unit is normal; the inspection must check whether the unit has water leakage, air leakage, and oil leakage; the inspection must check the belt tightness of the unit; the inspection is for charging generators and charging System check.