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Used Caterpillar Generator

Used Caterpillar Generator

Product Details

Caterpillar second-hand diesel generators can operate under harsh environmental conditions, with long service life and long intervals between overhauls, and low operating costs. It has an unsurpassed reputation worldwide in terms of quality, strength, reliability, durability and value, and has won widespread praise from users all over the world. Therefore, the high-efficiency fuel economy, strong power and durability of second-hand Caterpillar generator sets are and will continue to set new standards and models for the industry.


Caterpillar second-hand diesel generators are the only ones in the industry that the engines, generators, control systems and all components are uniformly designed, manufactured, tested and guaranteed by a single Caterpillar manufacturer. Each unit can output 100% of its nameplate power, and many of the diesel power plants and factories in Guangdong Province work at full capacity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Caterpillar generator set control panel (EMCPⅡ) uses a microprocessor as the core, all data are displayed by LCD digital display, RMS (root mean square value) measurement accuracy: voltage and current 0.5%; frequency 0.3Hz. For non-linear loads (SCR or UPS), the same measurement accuracy can also be achieved. Caterpillar generator sets are full of power. As long-term operation, after a long time (more than 10,000 hours), the power will still not drop and the fuel consumption rate will basically remain the same. The overhaul period of Caterpillar generator set 3400 unit is more than 18,000 hours, and the overhaul period of 3500 type unit is more than 22,000 hours.

Caterpillar second-hand diesel generator radiographic analysis of alloy elements; special sand type, through X-ray inspection to ensure the quality of the entire body; patented quenching liquid, overall quenching ensures the hardness of the components, eliminates surface stress concentration, prolongs the life of the crankshaft, and is not easy to break.