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Used Detroit Generator

Used Detroit Generator

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I think everyone is familiar with the units of Detroit second-hand generators. As an imported big brand generator, it is well known for its stable performance and low energy consumption. The Detroit Diesel Engine Company started a new design in the mid-1970s and in 1986 The fully computer-controlled heavy-duty four-stroke diesel engine launched in 2016 is also the first heavy-duty fully electronic injection diesel engine launched in the world. After nearly 20 years of hard work, its performance is stable and the electronic control technology is mature. It has now been upgraded to the fifth generation of DDECV electronic control The technology has been widely used in various industries abroad. The S60 diesel engine entered the Chinese market in 1998 and was used in oilfields in batches. The 60 series Detroit diesel engine is known as the pioneer of the energy-saving era.Units for sale and purchase of second-hand generatorsGood durability-low failure rate-fuel saving-low maintenance cost is the unanimous evaluation of users, which fully proves its unparalleled reliability and superiority. It is widely used in oilfield workover rigs, cementing trucks, sand mixers, airport fire fighting and other equipment.


Units for sale and purchase of second-hand generatorsAdvanced turbocharger with charge cooling system

High pressure fuel injection system with electronic control unit nozzle

Industry-leading electronic engine management system

Unique one-cylinder four-valve design

Ceramic piston ring coated on the surface

Two-way thermostat, independent jacket water and intercooled water

Highest performance and lowest fuel consumption

Low speed and high torque can keep the load working

Optimized turbocharger device makes it react quickly

Excellent airflow characteristics greatly reduce fuel consumption

Application mobility

A variety of power take-offs can provide options

Multiple horsepower levels

Engineering design is suitable for a variety of applications

Flexible electronic system optimizes performance in various applications

Environmentally friendly operation

Meet emission requirements

Low noise design reduces operator fatigue

Proven to have the lowest operating cost

long lasting

Extended service time and easy maintenance

Highly fuel-efficient

Extremely reliable and long uptime

Support and service

GG gt; More than 5,000 engineers who have received factory training and obtained qualifications to ensure the normal operation of your equipment

Service network covering the world

Passed ISO/TS16949 certification