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Used Daewoo Generator

Used Daewoo Generator

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Daewoo's second-hand generator sets are equipped with Doosan Daewoo diesel engines imported from Korea. Daewoo diesel engines are widely used in national defense, aviation, vehicles, ships, construction machinery, and generator sets, and are recognized worldwide for their small size, light weight, strong anti-sudden load capacity, low noise, and economical reliability. Due to the excellent performance and stable use of Daewoo generators, in order to reduce costs and ensure smooth use, many companies on the market currently use second-hand Daewoo generators. So what features are attracting the majority of users? Let's take a look. :



-Completely independent design, assembly, and testing of units for the sale of second-hand generators

-Advanced monitoring and communication functions

-Win the trust of more than 103 countries around the world


-Fuel economy

-Long maintenance time

-Advanced emission control

-Optimal power-to-weight ratio


-Currently widely used in various fields

-Compliance with industry norms and standards

-A large number of optional accessories (generator set control module, housing, diesel tank, remote control module, muffler and circuit breaker)

-Global sales and service outlets


1. Design and manufacture are in line with ISO 9001:2008 certification standards

2. Verify the integrity of product design, quality and performance

3. Advanced emission control

four,Units for sale and purchase of second-hand generatorsSuperior specific site valuation behavior comes from advanced engine controller and engine site condition management system

Five, excellent fuel economy

Sixth, the high-efficiency common rail fuel injection system enables the fuel to be fully combusted, which is environmentally friendly and economical.

7. Advanced monitoring and communication functions, and parallel operation of isolated islands to mains power has been widely used.

8. According to NFPA 110, generator sets that meet industry norms and standards meet performance/ISO 8528 and provide 100% load acceptance requirements: the excitation system standard of permanent magnet generators improves transient response