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Used MAN generator

Used MAN generator

Product Details

The three letters of the German MAN company MAN are composed of the first letter of the company's predecessor, Maschinenfabrik Augsburg Nürnberg (Machinery Factory Augsburg-Nuremberg). MAN is a leading European engineering group, with approximately 62,000 employees in 120 countries around the world working in five core areas: commercial vehicles, industrial services, printing systems, diesel engines and turbines. It has comprehensive capabilities and provides system solutions. Sales reached 16 billion euros. MAN Group's second-hand diesel generator ranks among the top three in the market, and its technology is comprehensive. MAN stock is one of the 30 selected sample stocks of the German DAX and is a popular stock on the stock exchange.


Features of MAN second-hand diesel generators:

1. With four-stroke, fan water tank cooling.

2. The application of high-pressure direct injection technology of multi-hole injector has good combustion performance and low fuel consumption.

3. Turbocharged air intake, intermediate cooling, low noise, excellent emissions (Euro III) meet environmental protection requirements.

4. Compact structure, strong power, durable and reliable, with a rated output of up to 33kW per liter of displacement.

5.MANUsed diesel generatorLong service life and simple maintenance, and easy access to maintenance points, overhaul period: LE201≥30000 hours, LE203≥22000 hours.