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Used Mitsubishi Generator

Used Mitsubishi Generator

Product Details

The second-hand imported Mitsubishi generator is a generator produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which is known for its high stability, low fuel consumption, and digital control system. It is widely used in temporary electricity and backup electricity in factories, hospitals, hotels, hotels, infrastructure, shopping malls, factories and mines.


The low fuel consumption rate and low emission technology of imported second-hand Mitsubishi generators enable the product to operate in cities with higher environmental protection requirements, and the emissions can fully meet the standards.

1. Develop and use a unique large-capacity high-pressure jet pump (1000kg/cm2)

2. Adopt Mitsubishi's unique two-stage air inlet, and its shape and piston form a combustion chamber that best matches the piston, which improves the rate of air utilization to achieve complete combustion.

3. High-efficiency exhaust gas turbocharger using Mitsubishi second-hand imported generators.

Better inlet and outlet angles and shapes.

High-efficiency and best-shaped blades processed by three-dimensional machinery

High-strength blades achieve high speed and high pressure ratio

Double vortex

Reduce frictional resistance and high-efficiency floating bearings

4. Calculate the shape and size of the selected parts according to the best simulation of the material, to achieve a smooth motion fit, reduce friction loss, and reduce engine horsepower loss to a minimum.