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Sale of second-hand diesel generators

Sale of second-hand diesel generators

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If you encounter a second-hand diesel generator pump failure. First of all, we must first check whether the pump is working well. If it is found that the drive gear shaft of the water pump is worn out, it means that the water pump is invalid and needs to be replaced before it can circulate normally.


The coolant level of the second-hand diesel generator is too low or does not meet the requirements. If the liquid level is too low, it will directly cause the coolant temperature to rise, making the coolant unable to circulate. According to regulations, the coolant is 50% antifreeze{{2}}50% softened water+DCA4. If it does not meet the regulations, it will cause the pipeline to block and generate inside the pipe wall. Rust spots will prevent the normal circulation of the coolant.

The thermostat of the second-hand diesel generator is malfunctioning. The thermostat is installed in the combustion chamber of the engine to control the temperature of the combustion chamber of the engine. The thermostat must ensure that the temperature is fully opened to facilitate small cycles. Without a thermostat, the coolant will not be able to maintain the circulating temperature, and a low temperature alarm may be issued.

The air mixed in the cooling system of the second-hand diesel generator, causing the pipe to be blocked. Damage to the suction valve and exhaust valve on the expansion tank will also directly affect the circulation. At this time, check whether the pressure value often appears. In compliance with the regulations, the suction pressure is 10kpa and the exhaust pressure is 40kpa. In addition, whether the exhaust pipe is unblocked is also an important factor affecting circulation.

The heat sink of the second-hand diesel generator is blocked or damaged. The cooling fan does not work or the heat sink is blocked, so that the temperature of the coolant cannot be lowered, and the heat sink rusts, resulting in liquid leakage and poor circulation.