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Used diesel generator rental

Used diesel generator rental

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During the rental and use of second-hand diesel generators, the generator cooling fan, engine cooling fan and cooling water tank should also be cleaned daily. The oil filter, diesel filter and air filter should also be cleaned regularly.

The power generation effect of second-hand diesel generator rental is very good. In many cases, it is inseparable from the high-voltage generator set during operation. However, in cold weather, the generator set must be used for antifreeze work. Only in this way, second-hand generator rental units can work normally and have good efficiency at work.


The temperature inside the engine is very high during the operation of the second-hand diesel generator rental. Discharge the hot water immediately after stopping. It will cause the hot parts to suddenly encounter cold air and break.

For some companies, it is more economical to choose second-hand generators for rent. Many customers believe that when choosing a second-hand generator rental, they first consider the price of the second-hand generator rental unit. This is actually incorrect. There are many types of second-hand generators for rent, and generator sets of different capacities and models have different configurations and functions. Therefore, for customers, when leasing generator sets, they should first consider their own use. If the customer needs a high-power motor when using a second-hand diesel generator rental unit, it should be clear what device the motor adopts, such as direct shipping and soft shipping. This step is helpful for the leasing company to evaluate the customer’s need for a large capacity generator set and how many square meters Load cables.