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Large generator rental

Large generator rental

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When choosing a large generator for renting, you must first consider the use of electrical equipment and the power of the generator, as well asgeneratorFactors such as start-up method, start-up regularity, etc. It should be emphasized that the equipment on the construction site generally has a large generator power, and the large-scale generator rental to be selected must have good performance, otherwise it will increase the investment budget of the large-scale generator rental.


The large generator rental units used in construction sites have a common feature, that is, the problem of large starting load and small load after operation. If the calculation is not good or the startup method selected is not good, a lot of manpower and material resources will be wasted. Financial resources and other expenses. At present, the starting method of the motor is roughly as follows: direct start, self-coupling step-down start, soft start, variable frequency start, star-delta start, etc. Most large-capacity motors used on the construction site are directly started. The time to start is relatively small, so you can consolidate your investment budget. Comprehensive selection, communicate with equipment manufacturers and generator set manufacturers, and choose the best and appropriate plan. After selecting the starting mode, calculate the starting current (under the worst working conditions) and working current of all equipment, and finally calculate how many generator sets need to be configured.

Due to the harsh rental environment of using large generators on construction sites, even some places are located at high altitudes, the carrying capacity of the rental power of large generators will decrease with the increase in altitude, so special attention must be paid to this factor, otherwise Will lead to the shortcomings of purchased power and actual working power.