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Used generators for sale

Used generators for sale

Product Details

The generators used in the general industry are relatively large, with high power and fast generating speed. Many people will ask, how to choose the second-hand generator trading? In fact, we first need to check whether the units for which the second-hand generators are sold have official certificates, and secondly, the noise should be low and the price should be moderate. Then, the editor will teach you how to buy the right product.


1. "Three Certificates" must be complete

Qualified second-hand generator trading units should have production licenses, product certificates and trademark registration certificates. The product certificate shall include the whole machine certificate, the second-hand generator certificate and the generator certificate. If you find that the certificate on the generator does not match the nameplate number, you should pay attention to whether it has been assembled.

2. The noise of the machine should be low.

When a consumer buys a generator, the seller will test the machine on site. At this time, please listen carefully-high-quality brand generator with low noise.

3. See if the seller is professional

Nowadays, the generator business is very good, and various grocery stores have also started the generator business. However, consumers have to buy from professional second-hand generator sellers, so after-sales service is easier to guarantee.

4. The price of second-hand generators should be moderate

Due to the different brands, there is indeed a reasonable price difference between each brand, but if the price is too low, you must consider-the product is not a fake product.