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Used generators for sale

Used generators for sale

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Due to the relatively high price of brand new generators, many people choose to buy and sell second-hand generators, so how to buy second-hand generators? The following Guangdong Xin Aokang Generator Co., Ltd. will provide you with a detailed introduction to the trading of second-hand generators.


1. Choose the brand of second-hand generators,Only tell customers about diesel engines or second-hand generator brands. Guangdong Xin Aokang reminds users: You should learn more about the manufacturers and brands of diesel engines, generators and control cabinets.

2. The maintenance status of the second-hand generator trading unit,When purchasing a second-hand generator, the user should understand the maintenance status of the second-hand generator. However, many companies hide the maintenance records of second-hand generators. Guangdong Xin Aokang will teach you a skill to distinguish whether the generator set has been repaired: Please pay attention to whether the screws on the cylinder and the oil pump have moved, and whether the screws are missing corners. If the screw of the cylinder has a passive mark, it means that it has been overhauled. If the screw on the oil pump shows signs of being passive, it means that it has been repaired. The prices of the three products are quite different, so users should always pay attention to the maintenance status of the generator when purchasing.

3. Understand the standby power of second-hand generator trading units,The standby power of a second-hand diesel generator is equal to 1.1 times the normal power, and the standby power can only be used for 1 hour within 12 hours of work.

4. Configure the power of the diesel generator set to be the same as that of the generator to reduce costs. However, the industry stipulates that the power of diesel generator sets should be greater than or equal to 10% of the generator power. This is because there will be some losses. To make matters worse, the horsepower of diesel engines is used as kilowatts to serve customers. This is similar to using a "small carriage", resulting in very high maintenance costs.