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Used diesel generator

Used diesel generator

Product Details

When purchasing second-hand diesel generators for rent, pay attention to the installation specifications and connection specifications to comply with the specified system specifications. The welding of the diesel generator rental unit should be firm, proportional, and there should be no defects such as weld penetration, undercut, slag inclusion and exhaust port. Weld penetration and welding should be eliminated and kept clean;


The paint layer of the second-hand diesel generator should be uniform, without obvious gaps and falling; the coating should be smooth, without black spots, rust and other leakage; the standard parts of the unit should not be loose. The electrical installation of the second-hand diesel generator should be in accordance with the circuit diagram, and the joint of the transmission line of the unit should be clearly marked and not easy to fall. The transaction of used diesel generators requires a well-grounded connector and a complete label.

Diesel generator rental units have different requirements for insulation resistance and insulation strength. Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance of a single electrical equipment circuit to the ground and between circuits should exceed 2M. Grounding strength: Each electrical equipment circuit of the steam turbine should also withstand the communication test current between the ground and the circuit for 1 min, and there should be no breakdown or flicker.

Although the second-hand diesel generator has good sealing performance, after long-term use, dust and debris will still adhere to the surface of the stator and rotor, which will increase the magnetic resistance and reduce the generator voltage. Therefore, during regular oil change and maintenance, please make sure to remove the dust inside the generator. The stator winding of an alternator usually does not burn, but why does a combustion failure sometimes occur? This is due to the combination of three fire wires or any two fire wires, so the three fire wires can only be independent outwards. The power supply can avoid the failure of the stator winding of the combustion generator.

To ensure the stable operation of second-hand diesel generators. Heating equipment should be equipped to ensure that the gear oil temperature and the temperature of the refrigerating material are higher than 15°C during emergency startup and rapid loading.