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Large second-hand generator

Large second-hand generator

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Nowadays, the requirements for environmental quality are getting higher and higher, and the problems related to resource recovery have been paid attention to by people. How to reduce resource utilization? With the emergence of the large second-hand generator market, the development of resources has been greatly reduced. Therefore, second-handLarge generator rentalRecycling is also very important. What problems should be paid attention to in the recycling of second-hand large generator rentals?

1. Check whether the paint is resprayed. If the color of the repainted paint is definitely different from the color of the original paint; of course, some second-hand generator companies will partially repair the rusty area, which is not considered.

2. Check whether the screws between the oil pan and the cylinder block and between the cylinder block and the cylinder head on the housing of the large generator rental unit are tightened. The tightened screws will be painted and squeezed. Usually, the unit that has moved the screws may be repaired.

3. Test the machine to see if there is smoke coming out. After the operation is stable, if black smoke, white smoke or blue smoke appears, there is a problem.

4. Load test. Professional large second-hand generator companies usually have a load test box to test the load on the equipment.

5. Check whether the water temperature, oil pressure, frequency, voltage, speed, etc. are at normal values;

6. Listen to the sound. Please listen carefully to the knocking sound when the large-scale generator rental unit is running. The sound of a large second-hand generator will be crisp when it is running. Clean and no noise. Well, the above is the place to check when buying a second-hand generator. If I can help you, I hope you can give me a thumbs up.